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13 September 2018 Responses have now dwindled to such an extent that we have closed the survey. Again, many, many thanks for all the valuable feedback. We are currently analysing it all and it will be extremely useful as we rebuild the site behind the scenes. Should you still want to make any constructive suggestions, don't hesitate to use the Contact link below.

10 September 2018 We have received a wide array of useful suggestions. Thank you so much if you took the trouble to send us feedback. It is all extremely useful – even if some of the suggestions were contradictory – as we start along the long road to a back-end rebuild. You may not see many changes in the short term, but please be assured that we will be working hard to improve your experience.

4 September 2018 For technical reasons, we're about to embark on a major rebuild of the back end of the site, the body parts that you never see. Our aim is to keep the front end, the bit that you see, more or less unchanged. But since this is such a significant operation and investment, now seems a good time to ask you to suggest any improvements to that you would like to see.

We'd therefore be very grateful if you would give us some feedback via the link below. This is not a complicated questionnaire, simply an open-ended call for suggestions, divided into two parts: how the site functions and our editorial content, what we write about.

The only question we ask you is whether or not you are or have been a member of Purple Pages. Purple Pagers please note that top of our list of improvements is a much better forum! 

If you have any opinions at all, we'd love to read them.