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  • Jancis Robinson
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  • Jancis Robinson
11 Dec 2006

Longstanding visitors know that I publish hundreds of tasting notes on en primeur burgundies on this site early each New Year. They're based on a mad flurry of tastings here in London but, as some of you have pointed out, many of the most revered producers and wines are not shown in these scrums so I am just off to Burgundy to fill in some of the most obvious gaps beforehand. (DRC, Leroy, Rousseau, Leflaive - it'll be tough.) Am I obedient or what?

This means that I shall not be monitoring the site in general and the members' forum in particular quite as closely as usual this week. Julia, just back from a fact-finding mission to Uruguay, will be in place however so you will not be neglected should you still feel the need to visit during this pre-Christmas traumatic stress period.

Talking of stress, I'm just summoning up the courage to try to record my first ever podcast using my own, just delivered, equipment. Wish me luck. 

To play, press the arrow after (unlike me when I first tried to listen to this) having ensured that your audio properties are switched on.

Or you can download the podcast by clicking here.