Parker and Robinson in clinch


It gives me enormous pleasure to show you evidence below that, contrary to popular mythology, the most powerful wine critic in the world and I are not at daggers drawn. Robert Parker and I stay in the same unglamorous but very convenient hotel in Bordeaux and met over breakfast this morning. Although we have corresponded over the last few years, this was the first time I had actually seen him for ages. Today was the end of his 10-day visit to Bordeaux but we overlapped over the croissants and scrambled egg.

I'm very glad to say that his back surgery seems to have gone well, he looks a little slimmer than when I last saw him, and we totally agreed about the likely market for 2007 bordeaux (decidedly limited – unless the Bordelais decide to offer us the sale of the century of course).

We kissed hallo, exchanged news and then when we eventually kissed goodbye, I said I wished someone could record the moment to try to quell the silliness about our supposed anatagonism. Good old Julia [not so much of the 'old' – JH] reminded me she had her camera in her bag. Et voila! Not the most glamorous image in the world but to me one of the most heart-warming.