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  • Jancis Robinson
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  • Jancis Robinson
12 Feb 2007

Amit Patel's recent thread in our members' forum about the 'strong rebuke' he received from a waitress recently when he asked her to decant his young burgundy reminds me to ask you for any similar tales of bruising experiences at the hands of sommeliers.


I should warn you that I'm asking because, after several less-than-happy experiences of my own, I am researching an article on the subject of good and bad service on the part of wine waiters for the Financial Times.


If you are interested in sharing your experiences, I'd be grateful if you would tell us where they took place and I would be interested in the nationality of the waiter/sommelier in question. (I have a theory...)


Don't hesitate to pass on tales of sommeliers who get it right as well as those you think get it wrong. And do please give us your name and location.

(Wine waiters themselves are welcome to add their own tales about despicable behaviour on the part of customers.


Thank you very much in advance.