Rioja'n'Roll and other Spanish finds


Rioja'n'Roll is the name of an unofficial association of eight restless winemakers in Rioja. They share the same purpose: introducing the B-side of present-day Rioja. The team includes five descendants of Spanish vine growers: Sandra Bravo (Sierra de Toloño), Eva Valgañón (Alegre y Valgañón), Bárbara Palacios (Barbarot), Roberto Oliván (Tentenublo) and Arturo and Kike de Miguel Blanco (Artuke). They are joined by two Frenchmen – Tom Puyaubert (Exopto) and Olivier Rivière (Olivier Rivière) – and Bryan MacRobert (Laventura), who was born in Cape Town.

They have been turning heads since they gathered in the summer of 2015. They share motivations...