The picture tells the tale – Rheinhessen 2016


For full details of our coverage of the excellent 2016 vintage in Germany, see this guide.

Taken on 13 October in the Abtserde vineyard in Westhofen, Rheinhessen, this close-up of one of Klaus Peter Keller's Riesling vines demonstrates perfectly this winegrower's view of the 2016 harvest: on the left, the bunch destroyed by downy mildew thanks to the rainy spring and early summer; on the right, the healthy open bunch that has ripened beautifully in the perfect late-summer and autumn weather. As Keller explained, 'What seemed at first to be quite a problem turned to our advantage. Mildew reduced the crop by 10-15% so that the rest of the grapes are more concentrated with more intense flavours. Like an early green harvest done by Nature.'