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  • Jancis Robinson
Written by
  • Jancis Robinson
4 Dec 2008

Skip this if you can't abide self-promotion, but we cannot resist publishing this selection of comments about the site that have emerged since our big redesign saw the light of day in September. Despite the misleading nature of the picture, I promise we didn't write a word that appears below ourselves.

If, however, these quotes tempt you to become a member of our purple pages too, click here to find out more.

'Jancis Robinson has emerged as England's finest wine writer. Gifted with her prose, thorough in her analytical skills, and always looking for a good story, her opinion should be considered seriously, and anyone interested in fine wine ought to subscribe to her valuable tasting research and commentaries.'
Robert Parker in his new 7th edn of the Wine Buyer's Guide, Oct 2008

'The website of Jancis Robinson, one of the world's most respected and independent wine writers, is a veritable Aladdin's cave of information and opinion. Just relaunched, and constantly updated, it is lively, witty, eminently accessible, and certain to keep you the toast of the dinner party circuit. Do not miss the wonderful free content, including the latest news and views. The best bits, however, are contained within the members-only Purple Pages, where you can read thousands of tasting notes (with scores and suggested drinking dates), insider information, gossip and fine wine facts, as well as the cosmopolitan members' forum - described as "the most courteous wine forum on the planet" by La Revue du Vin de France. As if that weren't enough to keep you busy, members also enjoy unlimited access to the only online versions of the award-winning classic Oxford Companion to Wine and the brilliant maps of the World Atlas of Wine.'
The Guardian (6 Sep 2008), UK

'I'm writing on behalf of everyone here at Wine-Searcher. Congratulations on your new look (I mean your website!!). It looks great and it definitely works better (not that the previous one wasn't great). Being a WSET Diploma student, I owe special thanks to you for including the World Atlas of Wine maps. I can only think of one word to describe this feature – 'revolutionary'! I may be a bit late but I'm sure you have already come across numerous students expressing the same feelings. Thank you once again and all the best.'
Niladri Dhar, Wine Specialist,

'Love the new site!'
Elin McCoy, Wine Writer, US

'A beautiful website. I'm so intrigued by how the new areas blossom as they open up, that I'm visiting very frequently at the moment! And the maps are fabulous.'
Andrew Magnay, Stoke on Trent, UK

'The look is gorgeous. Very clean, very modern and quite elegant. One of the best anywhere out there. ... The new site is absolutely wonderful. I actually think the graphic design reflects Jancis' personality/persona.'
John Lahart, New York, US

'Congratulations on the new (and much improved) site layout and resources.'
Marcos Pivetta, Brazil

First of all congratulations on the new site. It feels completely different and I like the fact that the homepage has links into every conceivable area but it also allows me to see what is new at a glance. The forum is great and very informative as always. I also like the fact it puts a smile on my face regularly (without the need for smilies). Thanks to Jancis and Julia as well as all the PPers for this invaluable resource.
Pieter Rosenthal, Glasgow, Scotland

'Congratulations on the look and feel of the new site – it's very impressive. ... I think the whole makeover looks great and I'll be using it a lot more in the future.'
Alex Rafinski, UK

'I am happy with the new look and the maps are a very nice addition that makes it possible to bring along a proper digital map on the computer when going abroad. The new search feature is better than ever!'
Kim Gammelgård, Denmark 

Mmmm - the new site looks lovely. Nice haircut for the photos too.'
Jamie Hutchinson, London, UK

'The new web design is great and lively, well done.'
Francois Haasbroek, South Africa

'I love your new site!...big step forward.'
Rowan Gormley, UK

'The site is wonderful and improving, in its own particular charming way, the forum being this mix of urbane, witty and highly civilized panel of discussion, unique in the internet (and dare say: even in real life). You've made a miracle, improved, grown, but it didn't lose the homey and personal touch of the site, something that I mostly feared could happen. It's still very personal, a small garden of Epicurus.'
Luiz Horta, Brazil

'I like the new layout of the website and the info is fantastic. I really value purple pages.'
William Strong, UK

'A site in motion, to say the least. Motion, not only provided by the input of the Jancis Robinson team (do they ever sleep?), but with great support of a very "driven" audience.
Raf Maes, Hoboken, Belgium

'The website is great and the effort put in is wonderful to behold. Your constant courtesy is laudable!'
Charlotte Blofeld, UK

'Wow, great link with Chinese articles. Congratulations!'
Thomas Rooch, Hong Kong

'Great new website!'
Paul Howard, UK

'Hello and congratulations on the handsome new site.'
Tobias Tobias, Australia

I think the new site is excellent - and I speak as a confirmed technophobe who was feeling pretty bewildered by it all on Day 1! I'm glad to say the feeling quickly passed after spending some time exploring the site last weekend. The new site really is very good indeed.'
Andy MacFaul, Hemel Hempstead, UK

'Congratulations to all on the new site.'
Haroldo Leite, Brazil

'Well done on the new site - it's good.'
Les Beech, UK

'Thanks for the great site!'
Stuart McKeown, Australia

'Let me first say that I enjoyed the "new look" very much and hope to have more time to appreciate it in detail soon.'
Heloisa Pizzato Fialho, Brazil

'Like the new site!'
Jeremy Palmer, UK

'I really like the look of the new website.'
Eva Pressel-Roemer, Germany

'I think this [new design] is a great addition to the site. Love the new look, and congrats.'
Adrian Walsh, Sheffield UK

'The new site looks great! One of the big dangers of having a purple theme is that it looks like the Premier Inn but you've pulled it off! I can only imagine that it must have been a mammoth effort!'
Steve De Long, London, UK

'I'm really enjoying the new website.'
Giles Bevan-Thomas, UK

'The new look website looks and feels great and the new pictures of you are lovely.'
David Harrand, UK

'I would echo the good things that are being said about the new site as a whole. Congratulations.'
Nic Bernard, Coulsdon, UK

'Further congratulations on the new look.'
Ed Plant, UK

If these quotes tempt you to become a member of our purple pages too, click here to find out more.