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  • Jancis Robinson
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  • Jancis Robinson
20 Jan 2010

On Monday we published a list of the wines that won trophies in the 7th annual Wines of Chile Awards, judged for the first time by an all-Canadian panel.

We can now reveal the results in their entirety, Wines of Chile having assured us that they have checked vintages and so on.

See here for those results in full.

Chile-watchers may be interested in the emergence of MOVI, a group of small, fiercely independent wine producers. Some of their members did pretty well in this year's awards - and not just Bravado wines, who won best Sauvignon Blanc and Best Value White with their debut vintage, as reported on Monday (and see more discussion about how they got started thanks to investment from the UK in our members' forum). I will report in more detail on this interesting new development in this land of Davids and Goliaths.