WWC21 – last chance to vote!

WWC21 feedback word cloud

Celebrate what old vines uniquely have to offer by immersing yourself in our top 20 entries in this year's wine writing competition, WWC21. Above is a word cloud based on the feedback we have received from nearly 500 voters so far.

You have only until midnight on Friday to cast your vote here for your three favourite entries from our wine writing competition shortlist of 20. We should explain that there are two entries that are fighting it out neck and neck for top slot, so every vote counts!

We have been overwhelmed by the response to this years competition, both by the number of entries (136) and by the number of people who have taken the trouble to vote for their favourite articles about old vines and old vines (in excess of 1,560).

It seems as though this topic has really struck a chord, encompassing as it does so many of the aspects that make wine such a compelling subject. Whatever will we come up with as a topic next year, I wonder?

On the voting form we invited people to comment on the competition and here is just a small selection of the 480 comments we have so far received, of which exactly 99.37% were positive.

This is an inspiration to everyone. I love the ideas and lessons of this writing competition. Good luck to every writer who gave their effort and talent to share the world. Each story moved my soul, what a creative way to enrapture the hearts and passions of humanity through the lens of climate change and the personal impacts each of these vineyards have had on the hands that tend them. Thank you!’

These contributions were all wonderful, I wish I had at least ten to pick! The topic was excellent.’

Inspirational, anything to encourage thoughtful writing that paints a picture and highlights innovation. Keep up the good work!’

Wow! Great work! These wonderful writers made it tough to narrow the field to just three selections. And they created some extraordinary work that will be studied by wine scholars for many years to come. I’m looking forward to seeing the selections by the judges.’

The writing competitions are fascinating! So much more to an outstanding wine than I ever imagined. Love the histories and bios!!!’

Very good because it is so diverse!’

What a great idea! So excellent to showcase new talent!’

A great motive for creative writing!’

It is a wonderful competition; I love the fact that everyone can write an entry no matter their background. Looking forward to seeing who wins this time and what will be the subject for next year!!’

I have got so much pleasure reading all these stories. Many of which I have forwarded on to friends. A million thanks.’

Excellent choice of subject & surprising variety of sources and approaches.’

It is great that you are a catalyst to improve wine journalism. Thank you!’

Gives us strength to get through these difficult times. Thank you!’

I only hope you continue this annual competition.’

Fantastic competition. Great to read from wine enthusiasts all around the world and learn more from these local stories. Please keep going to support such people. Thank you.’

Local, real and hopeful …’

Brilliant competition and some really thought-provoking writing on a very important subject.’

Love this competition just because it pushes all candidates to think outside the box and to grow.’

Really great to get to know and explore new stories. You learn so much and get inspired!’

Brilliant showcase for new disruptive blood in this category challenging our approach to wine.’

Incredible new talent to challenge to status quo. Keep up the good work.’

What an extraordinarily talented group of writers, hard to believe that in many cases this is their first attempt at producing written work!’

They’re so fun and a great way to get people thinking! I’ve edited a few submitted pieces for friends; it’s a great community builder.’

I value these as it gives a tad more direction as to which of the voices screaming at me from the wine press to give attention to.’

Especially fun to read since we are unable to travel to all the lovely countries we like to visit!’

I loved this one! Fantastic insight on the history and importance of old vines.’

Always love the competitions. This one may well be the best yet.’

Love to see these types of competitions. Great for the industry.’

They [are] great for wine writers from around the world and reading things from different perspectives around the world.’

It’s wonderful to encourage well-researched, beautifully written pieces.’

Love the support of the art of writing, combined with taste and wine. Creative bunch.’

It’s a whole aspect I’d never thought of before my friend entered the competition – very interesting reading, thank you.’

Amazing platform for aspiring wine writers. Please keep at it!’

Brilliant initiative – keeping the art of long-form wine writing alive!’

This is excellent and a real service to wine enthusiasts and professionals of all stripes.’

Well done – an essential bridge to fostering wine writers of the future. Thank you.’

I love the competition!’

We are so heartened by the fact that almost a third of voters took the trouble to add a comment. Than you all.

And if you havent done so already, do please vote!