Burgundy 2007 – guide to tasting notes


For a complete guide to our comprehensive coverage, including nine videos, of this fascinating Burgundy vintage see Burgundy 2007 – where to find what. See also my overview Burgundy 2007 – the verdict

Below is a guide to our complete alphabetical listing of tasting notes on the very varied 2007 burgundy vintage based on approximately 1,360 tastings by Julia and me. We have split them into what we hope are manageable alphabetical chunks – although please note the publication dates below. You will not be able to access the notes until they are published.
Please bear in mind that the alphabetical order is decided by the (sur)name of the producer or domaine ignoring words such as Domaine, Château, Comte, Marquis, de, du, des, le, la and les.

Incidentally, we have not included alcohol levels in these tasting notes as almost invariably they were either 13 or 13.5% with the odd 12.5%.

Burgundy 2007 tasting notes – A-B Fri 23 Jan

Burgundy 2007 tasting notes – C-D Mon 26 Jan

Burgundy 2007 tasting notes – E-H Tue 27 Jan

Burgundy 2007 tasting notes – J-L Wed 28 Jan

Burgundy 2007 tasting notes – M-P Thu 29 Jan

Burgundy 2007 tasting notes – R-Z Fri 30 Jan