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  • Jancis Robinson
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  • Jancis Robinson
5 Apr 2011

As though hundreds of infant 2010 bordeaux were not enough to contend with, our trusty site system decided to test us a little further over the last few days, by refusing to send out emails.

This has had the most frustrating effect for some of you in that if you asked for a reminder of your password, you received nothing. (Also, if you needed a reminder that your membership had expired, you received nothing.)

Our technical team, usually rather brilliant, has been flummoxed by this for a few days but has finally found the explanation and solution (it involves the transfer to our new, bigger, better server some months back). They have been able to unplug the backlog of emails that were ready to send out.

As a result, some of you may recently have been deluged by a flood of emails giving you a temporary password. We apologise profusely for this. Kindly use the most recently received temporary password so that you can log in and, via My account at the bottom of any Purple page, reset your password to one of your choosing.

And, if you are trying to gain access to Purple pages, not least my ongoing coverage of the 2010 bordeaux primeurs campaign, and find your membership seems to have expired, please log in and then renew, again via My account at the bottom of any Purple page.

As always, subs supremo Rachel Shaughnessy is there to help with any difficulties on

It is 11.15 pm after a very long day's tasting... I hope you will enjoy the results.