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  • Jancis Robinson
Written by
  • Jancis Robinson
30 Jul 2002

The Germans have for the first time staged a blind International Riesling Tasting which in their view constitutes an 'official' wine tasting, so you can be sure it was very official. Unfortunately I could not attend the Mainz taste-off but someone who did said it was so official that there was no chance to discuss the wines with fellow judges at all, not even after tasting.

Anyway, the most amazing thing happened, which could not be expressed better than in the official press release announcing the results: 'German wines were conclusive winners'. In fact, out of three places in five categories, ie a possible 15 places, Germany took 14. Well done, Loibenberg of the Wachau in Austria, say I, for managing to squeeze a second place in the sweet Riesling category. See winners for the full list of 15 winning wines.

Although there are few household names here, this list - all 2001 Rieslings - may be of interest to those looking for the (many) up and coming newcomers on the fine German wine scene who are determined to join the great world wine party, whatever minutiae their regulators are currently involved in.

I am still trying to establish a full listing of exactly which wines were entered and what proportion of total entries Germany constitutes alongside those from Australia, France, Canada, Luxembourg, New Zealand, South Africa and the US.