Postcards from China


Some random images of China today. 

Nick and I are in China and Hong Kong this week (with a brief stopover tonight in Seoul, Korea). Many are the extraordinary sights so I thought I would share a few with you. I got used to being photographed relentlessly. Right is a typical view I had. But I did manage to snatch a few pics myself. 

No one in China is separated from their phone, even when wearing traditional dress just after a hotel welcome ceremony....

... and even when there are other rather important things going on. (This was taken at her wedding, I should stress.)

In Penglai on the east coast we stayed at the super-traditional hotel-cum-wine-estate Chateau State Guest. Built by its real-estate owner in 2013.

We discovered an inherent logistical problem with serving wine at a classic Chinese meal, dependent as it is on serving yourself from a lazy susan. Many a glass is broken while trying to reach over.