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  • Jancis Robinson
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  • Jancis Robinson
30 Mar 2012

25 Apr - Please note that we are looking for relatively recent reviews, written about meals taken within the last few months.

9 Apr - Very many thanks to those who have so far submitted articles, all of which I am enjoying greatly. In case there has been some misunderstanding, I should point out that we are seeking articles to be published on this website. The Financial Times have made their own arrangements for a temporary replacement for Nick in the form of Tim Hayward of Fire & Knives.

2 Apr - Please note that we would like articles that have not be published before and that we are unable to give a deadline. We'll just have to see how long it takes Nick to feel strong enough to resume work, but it's unlikely to be before mid May.

So, Vinitaly (last week) gives way to the Bordeaux primeurs circus (next week) and I thought I should give you a quick update as to our intentions. Walter Speller was well immersed in Vinitaly and may have the odd update for us, although he argues on our Members' forum that wine fairs are not ideal sources for wine writers. 

As reported in Bordeaux 2011 – our plans, because Nick had major gut surgery scheduled for 14 March, with a forecast six to eight weeks recuperation, I asked the highly competent Julia Harding MW to go to Bordeaux instead of me this year and I know she will produce a great set of tasting notes on the 2011s. 

Although various American tasters have already been hurtling around Bordeaux and publishing their views almost before they are formed, and I have already published some tasting notes taken at an early showing in London of various Cercle Rive Droite 2011s, we will publish only when we feel we are ready – while hoping for a primeurs campaign that is not too protracted and, of course, characterised by dramatic price reductions. 

As things have turned out for Nick, I am just so grateful that I decided at an early stage not to go to Bordeaux. Poor thing, with his usual terrible medical luck, has been beset by complication after complication and is still in hospital, although we hope he may be allowed home next week. (Bless you, London Clinic wifi.) 

He prepared for this difficult period by giving the Financial Times, and, a supply of articles to run until next, Easter, weekend, but he will then be on an enforced break of many weeks as he recovers from the rigours of all that has been inflicted on his body recently. 

The only advantage of this is that it opens the way for other restaurant critics!  I know there are many brief reviews in Your views on this site, but I would love to publish other full length articles about eating out – a review, or general reflections, or rant – in place of Nick's usual Saturday column and hereby promise a bottle of first growth Ch Mouton-Rothschild 1996 to the person who sends in the best article, wherever in the world they are. Articles can be any length, although 500-1,500 words is ideal. It would be much appreciated if you could also send at least one suitable image in JPG form to accompany what you write.

Submissions should be sent to