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  • Jancis Robinson
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  • Jancis Robinson
2 Apr 2012

The Saturday Review of the British newspaper The Guardian always publishes a list of Ten of the Best books about a particular topic.

Last Saturday it was the turn of wine and you can read his choices here. These are not wine books - that is not the idea in this very literary supplement - but literature in which wine plays an important part.

Authors cited are the Greek poet Anacreon, Robert Herrick (pictured, whose descendant James once made an eponymous Languedoc Chardonnay), Abraham Cowley, Jane Austen for Emma (a rather tenuous link here really), our claret-loving friend Keats, Byron, Baudelaire, Roald Dahl for that famous short story about blind tasting, Michael Dibdin's A Long Finish (on which I am credited with advising, although I saw only a portion of the manuscript) and John Lanchester's A Debt to Pleasure.