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  • Jancis Robinson
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  • Jancis Robinson
16 Nov 2005

Leading New York sommelier and wine importer Daniel Johnnes, who left Drew Nieporent's Montrachet restaurant after 20 years there to work for chef Daniel Boulud spicing up his wine  program, as it is known in the US, sends news of his latest venture which he claims is the first-ever premium bag-in-box wine. I haven't tasted the wine but these guys have extremely big reputations to lose if there is any problem with this Mâcon Villages from a single estate in Uchizy apparently, though I had to dig to extract this rather vital bit of information: 

dtour is a super-premium bag-in-box wine brand that is a collaboration between Daniel Boulud, Daniel Johnnes, and Dominique Lafon – the Chef, the Sommelier, and the Vigneron. The name dtour is a play on the  Michelin Guide's use of the word "detour" to indicate something that is worth going out of one's way for.  It is a "detour" from the accepted perception of box wine.  The "d" in dtour also represents the first initial of each of the partners names. [Geddit?] 

Wine packaged in bag-in-box (bib) format is widely accepted in many countries around the world.  Over 50% of all wine sold in Australia is in bag-in-box format. In Sweden and Norway bag-in-box format accounts for approximately 40% of total sales.  France and Great Britain are approaching those numbers. In the United States bag-in-box wine is gaining market share, but most wine consumers still associate wine packaged in a box with inferior quality.   

The bag-in-box format offers significant advantages to the consumer.  Wine packaged in a bag keeps wine fresher longer after opening.  The bag collapses as wine is dispensed preventing oxidation that spoils wine.  After a bag-in-box is opened, wine will stay fresh for over a month.  This is a significant advantage to someone who only wants to have one or two glasses at a time.  In addition, packaging and shipping costs for bib wine are far more economical.  This allows for higher quality wine to be offered to the consumer at a lower price point. 

Dominique Lafon, Daniel Johnnes, and Daniel Boulud have defined their careers by their craftsmanship and dedication to making wine, serving wine and preparing food for discriminating palates.  They have established themselves as innovators and leaders in the food and wine industry. Their names represent standards of the highest level.   It is their reputation for outstanding quality and their willingness to put their names behind dtour that will be the catalyst for American wine consumers to get past the stigma associated with bag-in-box wine and purchase dtour.   

In addition to their outstanding reputations, Daniel, Daniel, and Dominique bring other competitive advantages to the project.  Dominique Lafon has made a substantial commitment to the Mâconnais and has the ability to source superior wine and oversee its elevage.  Daniel Johnnes has existing relationships with premium retail and restaurant accounts through his import and distribution business. Daniel Boulud's association with the project promises to attract acclaim beyond world of wine professionals and the wine media. 

The partners' names are associated with excellence in their respective fields, but their work has not been restricted to the enjoyment of the wealthy few.  They have a strong belief in promoting great food and wine at all levels of enjoyment.  By applying their efforts and expertise to this project, dtour will be a product that is high quality, user friendly, innovative in its packaging and a great value for consumers without the pretension that often accompanies wine appreciation.

Dtour is currently available from select retailers in New York, New Jersey and Maryland. The three litre tube retails for approximately $36.99

For more information, please contact Daniel Johnnes  on 212 625 2505 or or visit


  1. High quality in an innovative package
  2. Stays fresh for more than 4 weeks once opened.
  3. Great value due to savings on glass bottles, corks, capsules and volume.  Each tube contains 3 liters or the equivalent of 4 bottles of wine.
  4. Easy to open and serve.
  5. Perfect for one glass of wine before dinner, for casual gatherings, banquets, picnics.
  6. The "Tube" retails for $36.99.  This averages $9.00+ per bottle for what would cost more than $12.00 per bottle if it were in glass bottles.

Dtour tube of wine